Prayer at Daybreak

Prayer at Daybreak
to be said each day on rising from sleep

Eternal King without beginning, You who are before all worlds, my Maker, Who
have summoned all things from non-being into this life: bless this day that
You, in Your inscrutable goodness, give to me. By the power of Your blessing
enable me at all times in this coming day to speak and act for You, to Your
glory, in Your fear, according to Your will, with a pure spirit, with
humility, patience, love, gentleness, peace, courage, wisdom and prayer,
aware everywhere of Your presence.

Yes, Lord, in Your immense mercy, lead me by Your Holy Spirit into every
good work and word, and grant me to walk all my life long in Your sight
without stumbling, according to Your righteousness that You have revealed to
us, that I may not add to my transgressions.

O Lord, great in mercy, spare me who am perishing in wickedness; do not hide
Your face from me. And when my perverted will would lead me down other
paths, do not forsake me, my Savior, but force me back to Your holy path.

O You Who are good, to Whom all hearts are open, You know my poverty and my
foolishness, my blindness and my uselessness, but the sufferings of my soul
are also before You. Wherefore I beseech You: hear me in my affliction and
fill me with Your strength from above. Raise me up who am paralyzed with
sin, and deliver me who am enslaved to the passions. Heal me from every
hidden wound. Purify me from all taint of flesh and spirit. Preserve me from
every inward and outward impulse that is unpleasing in Your sight and
hurtful to my brother.

I beseech You: establish me in the path of Your commandments and to my last
breath do not let me stray from the light of Your ordinances, so that Your
commandments may become the sole law of my being in this life and in all

O God, my God, I plead with You for many and great things: do not disregard
me. Do not cast me away from Your presence because of my presumption and
boldness, but by the power of Your love lead me in the path of Your will.
Grant me to love You as You have commanded, with all my heart, and with all
my soul, and with all my mind, and with all my strength: with my whole

For You alone are the holy protection and all-powerful defender of my life,
and to You I ascribe glory and offer my prayer.

Grant me to know Your truth before I depart this life. Maintain my life in
this world until I may offer You true repentance. Do not take me away in the
midst of my days, and when You are pleased to bring my life to an end,
forewarn me of my death, so that I may prepare my soul to come before You.

Be with me then, O Lord, on my great and sacred day, and grant me the joy of
Your salvation. Cleanse me from manifest and secret sins, from all iniquity
hidden in me; and give me a right answer before Your dread judgment-seat.




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