AA & 12-Step Classes Schedule

The schedule of meetings and 12-classes at St. Mary’s Orthodox Community starting in 2009 is as follows:

AA Meetings:  Sunday 3 pm; Wednesday 10 am; Wednesday 97 pm
This are open meetings and all are welcome.

Christian 12-Step Classes:  Sunday 2 pm; Tuesday 10 am; Tuesday 7 pm
These classes are open to all no matter what faith or no faith.

These are part of St. Mary’s free life’s recovery program which is open to all faiths and those of no faith. Additional AA, NA, Al-Anon, and other support groups will be added.  If at least two people are interested in any area at any time, the group will be started. We have already have already been asked to start an Al-Anon group during the morning hours.  There is also been interest for a group for caregivers during the day. If you have any interest or need more information, please contact the church at either 574-540-2048 or 574-952-4672.

During the day the community will be open as a day drop in center for assistance and study and prayer. We keep the coffee on and most time there is homemade soup and bread. Father Theodosius is available to meet with those in need or hurting.

We can also use your help.  Those interested in volunteering some time, please call the church.  Also, we need additional recovery material. If you have some extra AA, NA, Al-Anon, or other materials, we can put it to use. A well worn Big Book works just as good as a new one.  That extra Bible you have that is not being used, can be read by someone here.  This program is free and open to all. So if you would like to donate a $1.29 (or more) to help us, please do.

St. Mary’s Orthodox Community is a community of people who had given up on church. We are a community of people who have been there, and are now on a journey home. The community works hard to show all the unconditional love and grace of Jesus without any reservations due to their lifestyle or religion, past or present. This love has no agenda behind it (1Cor:13-5).  This grace sets no timeline on personal agenda or standards for spiritual growth (Rom 4:4-5).  The simple idea is to be a part of people’s lives because we truly care for them rather than to fulfill a religious duty; to walk with them through all their struggles as a part of their lives, not as a religious outsider. For this community, religion is not a false perception of holiness that focuses on law and kills the true message of Christ Jesus.  Jesus loves you.  Jesus heals you.  We invite you to join us.

We invite you to join us in how ever you are comfortable and for what ever your need. In addition to the AA meetings and 12-Step Classes, there are daily worship services.  The Holy Qurbana is celebrated every Sunday starting at 10 am.


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