Many Years!

In addition to celebrating the Liturgy and cooking for everyone, Mar Cassian also chrismated Jerome Chandler who became fully Orthodox. May God grant you many years.


Anonymous said…
The food was delicious. My son Aslan is an scrambled egg nut, so when they brought out the egg trays, he went nuts. I asked if he was ready to go see mamma he responded "NO!!!! EGGS!!!!" I asked if he wanted to see Jousha (his brother) "NO DADDA!!! EGGS!!!!" He then proceded to eat half of mine, his own eggs, and half of the lady sitting next to me, then a pancake on top of that.
The service was wonderful, with a sermon by Archbishop, and words from Father Theodosius. I stood there almost in tears to see a parish full of poor african americans, white americans, jewish american, and others celebrating the liturgy together, and eating together after service, and I saw the potential of what orthodoxy can be and is.
No one seemed to esteem themself higher than the other, even the archbishop, who is the embodiment of "chief servant", cooking food for the church, after doing a liturgy. The spirit of the leader is evident in those that follow him, as those people were so nice to me, I didnt want to leave, they took care of my son so I could handle business with the bishop and I thank God for them. Didnt mean to write an epistle here but I am touched by them everytime I go, especially the kids, man I love those children, I mean really. Everybody seemed to sit and talk with everybody. I know they have issues like any church, but man, it was beautiful to see us all worshipping together.
I took 2 of my friends with me, one who had been begging me to take him to liturgy, and one who comes because he loves the smell and the reverence LOL! But they enjoyed the liturgy, and one especially enjoyed the sermon. The only problem was they were frustrated at not being able to sing the hymns (its just hard, I had problems too), but its better to live the hynms correctly than to merely sing them correctly.
God bless you Archbishop and St. Sophia for showing me a Christianity that I thought was dead!!!

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