Your invitation

So you are reading this blog, the New Monastic and the Old monk. Several of you are.  And we know from the tracking software that many of you are spending some time reading more than just one of the articles here. That’s what we wanted.  But we also wanted to start a dialogue, a dialogue between those involved or interested in new monasticism and we of the Orthodox faith where monasticism started in the first place.  But so far no one has joined in.

There are two way to join this discussion.  First you could add your comments to any of the articles.  Second you can submit complete articles either authored by yourself or someone else. To submit and entire article, you can email it to, and we will upload it.

Why the discussion in the first place.  We believe, we know, that from reading what has been written about new monasticism, that those involved when they talk about living a life closer to that taught of Jesus, that they are talking about the Orthodox way of life. For Orthodox, it is not just coming to church on Sunday’s.  Our faiths runs through everything we do, seven days a week. Want to discover how, then join this discussion.

Some will read the article below, perhaps the next one, but very few others. That would give you a wrong impression to what our purpose is. Read on. The first articles posted on this site concern traditional Orthodox monasticism. We then posted a few articles regarding the new monastic movements.

Your experiences with either may be different than the articles we have so far posted. We invite your comments. If you wish to post complete articles from yourself or others email them to us. We will post them. Or you may just post comments to various articles.

Our community and our parish is committed to finding how to begin together Orthodox monasticism and new monasticism. We have made the first steps. We invite you to join in this conversation to help us do it. you can make a difference.

Your participation is invited; it is needed. So join in now.


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