our Mission...Our Purpose..An Invitation to You

Over the past year several friends have sent us articles and books to read.
Many have been on new monasticism, 24/7 prayer groups, and others about more
and more people trying to turn their lives around and live as close as they
can to the life taught by Jesus Christ. The more we read, the more it
appeared that what they were discovering was the path and way of life taught
by the Orthodox Church since the time Christ walked among us. It is as if
they were either rediscovering the first 1054 years of Christianity, or that
they had never heard about it.

This blog is not a platform to teach others about Orthodox, nor to bring
them to Orthodoxy. It is a place for travelers. At the most it is a platform
for anyone to talk about their journey, their life of prayer, their walk to
live a true Christian life, their walk to live any life. The articles we
have posted are mostly examples from Orthodoxy. That is our path. We have
invited others to join this discussion, but so far no one has take up that

This is a place for all Christians. This is also a place for those of other
faiths. And it is also a place for those of no faith. We are all on the
same journey going down the same path. We will learn from each other.

So if you would like to share your journey, or experiences, or hard times
and good times, please join me. You can add your comments to the posted
articles. You can post your own articles. Email me if you would like
posting rights. Tell me who you are and some of what you would like to say
and share.

God has given us a great gift. But he also expects us to share it with all
our brothers and sisters. And you do have a journey to share. You can help
me grow and help us as well.


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