First Sunday of Great Lent

First Sunday of Great Lent:
Sunday of
Cana (Kothine Sunday)

Selections from Evening Prayer

Opening Prayer

O God who alone accomplish great wonders, You performed Your first miracle by changing water into good wine when You were invited to the wedding feast. Grant that, like the guests assembled there, we may be filled with the wonder of Your wisdom, and our hearts may be drunk with the wine of Your love, and we will offer praise to You, the True Bridegroom and Worker of Miracles, now and always and forever. Amen.


Praise, thanksgiving, glory, honour and exaltation, continually and without ceasing at all times, may we be worthy to offer to the Eternal Word who, being God, made Himself to be seen on earth and mingled with men, and at the wedding feast at Cana-in-Galilee changed water into good wine, and made the Holy Church to drink of the wine of His love, and by His Precious Cross delivered her from her enemies. To Him belongs glory, honour and adoration, at this time of evening and at all times and seasons and hours and moments of the days of our life forever.


To You belongs praise and thanksgiving, Jesus our God, Maker of the World and Fashioner of All Creatures, Word Without Beginning, who planted Paradise and placed in it the tree of life, You who without changing, showed Yourself at the end of time, and by Your poverty enriched our race. In every place Your blessings have flowed forth like the waters and Your abundant gifts have spread over the whole world. The earth which You trod was blessed, and rational beings were changed by Your word. Your graciousness drove you even to attend a wedding here below. You were bidden to the feast at Cana like other people while You are He who calls and makes all things come into existence. You appeared among men as a man, but as God You threw them in amazement by Your wonders. As the bridegroom was short of the earthly goods, in Your wealth, O Heavenly Bridegroom, You saved his good name. The guests united to praise You and to make known Your wonders. Your mother rejoiced because her request was fulfilled. Your glory was manifested and Your disciples believed in You.

And with them we beseech You now, in memory of Your first miracle, to change our hard times into times of blessings, filled with joy so that our mouths may resound with hymns of praise. Deliver us from the bitter wine of sorrow and make us partake of the spiritual cup of Your holy love. And we will offer praise and thanksgiving to You and to Your Father and to Your Holy Spirit, now and always and forever. Amen.

Gospel Reading: John 2.1-12


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