Orthodox Prayer, How to pray? An Orthodox perspective

Arise, you, O children of the light, to praise the Lord of Hosts, that He may grant us the salvation of our souls. When we stand in the flesh before You, take away from our minds the sleep of forgetfulness, and grant us alertness, in order that we understand how to stand up before You at the time of prayer, and send up to You the appropriate doxology, and win the forgiveness of our many sins.

This video shows how many Christians pray at home

Why don't you join us at the Mor Gregorios Community Center for the noon prayer service Monday through Friday. We raise our voices in praise and thanksgiving for peace and thanksgiving.

You are also invited to join us Saturday, April 4, 2009, for the dedication of the center and the blessing of the computers used by the employment problem. The center is located at 1000 South Center Street, Plymouth, Indiana.

Need directions? Email us at monastery@synesius.com, or call the center and church at 574-540-2048.


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