Power of the praying servant

You may be getting tied of hearing me talk about the fact that you can ake a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors. And you can. You and I are called to do just that. Our main job as a servant of God is to make God available to our brothers and sisters. We must stand with the Bible on one hand and our other hand on our neghbor's door knob.

Are you do that? If not, then why not?

The Mor Gregorios Community Center needs your help. Many people and organization have provided computers and other equipment to be used in our employment program. Several, including some participating in the program, have volunteered their time to help with the program.

Right now what we need are two things. First we need to be able to pay the utility bill. We need to be able to keep the electricity and gas on. There needs to be electricity to run the computers. Without electricity, computers don't work. Without computers, participants can not file their unemployment claims, their weekly reports, do online job searches, prepare resumes, and all those other work related activities available for them at the Mor Gregorios Community Center. Without doing these activities, there is no money to pay the rent or put food on the participants family's table.

In other words, without your help, people will go hungry. and wht was it that Christ said about feeding the hungry? I know we ask a lot, but not as much as Jesus asked us to do, or expects to do.

The second thing we need you to do is pray for those we serve and for the success of the community centers programs. Like Paul we beg your to pray for us. Only with your prayers will we to continue to be servants to God and His children.

If you want to find out how you can help make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors, email us at monastery@synesius.com, or call the Mor Gregorios Community Center and parish at 574-540-2048.

Listen now to this video where the priest talks about the servent duty and why prayer is important.


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