The New Monastic movement

This is a documentary short on the New Monastic movement conceived of as another voice within Christianity, a counterpoint to the voice of fundamentalism. The video was filmed at a School(s) for Conversion event in Springfield, MA on May 10, 2008. It was produced by Ryan Metzger and Glen Rectenwald for Prof. Harvey Cox's "Religion and Politics in Current Fundamentalist Movements"

The question that the editors of this blog have, and have always had, do those involved in the new monastic movement know much about monasticism, or are they just inventing religion in just one more way outside of the true Church.

We would like to renew our invitation to any involved in this movement to write for this log. We do not want to engage in a debate about new monasticism, but rather to put forth from their view point what it is all about. The editors of this blog are Orthodox. We know that the Church has always been ascetis. We pray. We fast. we make a difference not only in the world, but also the lives of our friends and neighbors. We do not need to pray 24/7. We have been following what Paul calls us to do...praying unceasingly.


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