Prayers for my mother

As I wrote in the update of the bishop's condition, the power of prayers is
great. So here's another person who needs your prayers.

My mother Ruth Walker, the lady who makes the awesome homemade soup we serve
after the Liturgy every Sunday and for lunch at the community center every
day was taken to the hospital this morning with chest pains. She has just
been admitted to the CCU unit for observation and further tests.

As she waited in the emergency room, she made sure that we had enough soup
for Sunday, and made sure that the REAL Service Nutrition site she is
director of had what they needed for today's lunch. She also was praying
for Mar Cassian continued recovery and want to make sure that I visited some
of her friends who were also in the hospital.

My mother truly knows the power of prayer. That is who I learned it from.
While she lies in the CCU bed waiting from more tests, I am certain she is
praying for all the folks she always prays for...and that includes the
members of this list. So let us take this great teacher's example and pray
for her this time. Her prayers may only take a local call while ours are a
long distance call, our Blessed Mother will hear and turn to her son our
Savior telling Him to heal this woman.

So please keep my mother in your prayers.

Father Theodosius


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