Gregory Palamas: Divine Energies

St. Gregory Palamas (14th century) brilliantly explained the Holy Scriptures as interpreting Holy Scriptures from the Greek text. St. Paul uses the word "energies" throughout his epistles, usually translated (KJV) as "Power". However, energies describe more adequately that Divine power that energizes us with the power of Christ's resurrection bringing us to Life in Him as we put the "old man" to death with Him on the Cross. As St. Paul tells us "His death is active ("energizes") us but energizes Life to you all"! In PART ONE, Presbytera Irene Matta, MTh simplifies St. Gregory's teachings with Rev. Father James in the PART TWO. PART THREE reveals the life's testimony of a Franciscan Spanish monk who discovered the Ancient Orthodox Faith when delving into the heinous documents of the "Inquisition".


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