letter from taybeh

Dear Friends of St. George Taybeh,

I have written this letter

especially for Taybeh people abroad

and I wanted to share it with you,

in Christ's love, maria


Dearly Beloved people of Taybeh abroad, locally and internationally,

My Brothers and Sisters, I greet you with the Love and Peace of Christ our Lord and Savior,

I sincerely thank you very much for the amazing solidarity and support you have shown by your phone calls to my husband David, mayor of Taybeh following the tragic attack at the municipality on Monday evening, Sept 28, 2009 at 8:15 pm where the mayor’s car was put on fire and extensive damage done to the municipality doors, windows, telephone lines forcing us to spend so many days cleaning up and replacing public property instead of inviting people to our beloved village for a day of solidarity for the Oktoberfest which has become a major event in Palestine and has developed Taybeh into the iconic image for most locals and internationals specifically since David Khoury become mayor, (www.taybehmunicipality.org <http://www.taybehmunicipality.org/> )  For those who are not familiar, last Oktoberfest received more than eighteen ambassadors from around the world strongly placing Taybeh on the psychological map of people’s heart since the awful Israeli occupation steals our identity and only illegal Israeli settlements appear on tourist maps and on road signs.

I have been emotionally hurt by this recent attack and completely burned out from community service since it follows four other attacks on my husband personally and Khoury property.  I can only say that my whole life in Taybeh since my first visit, 1983, I have only known to be loyal and obedient to my husband who loves Taybeh so much.   I have given of myself, my heart, my soul, my skills and knowledge to promote the village, Church, our family business and worthy projects in Palestine for education and art.  After my husband and I neglect our own family and personal time with our children to serve others, I have only learned that good guys finish last. But my late father-in-law, Canaan David Khoury, instilled this deep love for Taybeh in us because he was very appreciative of his roots and he had great vision that Palestine would one day be free and he taught all of us to be leaders in positive thinking, entrepreneurship endeavors, and contributing to society.

On behalf of my husband David, the honorable Mayor of Taybeh, we sincerely appreciate your support and solidarity in all ways you help Taybeh.  And I truly believe and trust that my husband’s life was saved from the candles people light for us around the world and the prayers they say daily by remembering us to God.  A sincere thank you for your prayers and good wishes!

With fear in God I will work for Taybeh until the day I die. The only thing I learned growing up as a Greek in America is that one person can make a difference.  With the help of others we have fundraised over $147,000.00 for the Taybeh Orthodox Church Housing Project and also established an education endowment fund for St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Taybeh currently at $33,000.00 for college students to receive a scholarship each year of at least $300 for local university education in Palestine following the wonderful role model of Mr. Yusef Nawas in California who has already sponsored 35 students for partial and full tuition at Birzeit University and someone should thank him on his 94th birthday this November.

In Christ’s service, Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D.                                                                                                 ___

A sincere personal thank you for the letter received by the Taybeh Municipality, Sept 30, 2009 from United Taybeh American Association, 14215 Ramona Ave, Hawthorne, California, 90250; (310) 259-9159; www.taybeh.org <http://www.taybeh.org/>

Dear Mr. Daoud Khoury, Mayor of Taybeh,

Dear Members of the Municipality Council,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the members of the United Taybeh American Association and myself, I condemn, and with the strongest terms, the cowardly act of burning the vehicle of the Mayor of Taybeh, Mr. Daoud Khoury.

The United Taybeh American Association finds this act cowardly and evil and considers its perpetrators despicable and deplorable.

We stand in solidarity with our Mayor and the Municipality Council and our honorable citizens of Taybeh in Palestine and abroad, and together we reject and condemn this act of evil and any such act perpetrated against our symbols and institutions.   


Faiq M. Ady

UTAA President & Board of Directors


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