On the love of the poor - St. Gregory the Theologian

An appropriate meditation for the Nativity Fast, in the aftermath of Black Friday: a prayer from St. Gregory the Theologian from his oration, “On the Love of the Poor.” May we flee the materialism so ubiquitous in the media this time of year, and remember instead the true reason for the season this Advent Season, leading up to the Nativity of our Lord.

“May God preserve me from being rich
while they are in need;

From enjoying good health
if I do not minister to their illness;

From eating good food,
From wearing nice clothing, and
From resting in my home,
if I do not share my bread and my clothes, as I am able;

May God preserve me,
if I do not welcome them into my home.”

source: http://easternchristian.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/on-the-love-of-the-poor-by-st-gregory-the-theologian/


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