A question from Mother Teresa and an invitation to share your answers

We should gather to give thanks to God for what He has done in us, with us, through us. We thank Him for having used you and us to be His love and mercy. God is still love, and He still loves the world. ...But do we know our neighbors? Do we know the poor in our neighborhood?

It's easy to talk and talk about the poor in far away places. We are often surrounded by the sick and the abandoned. We are often among people who are despised, outcast and depressed. We have many elderly whom we don't even know. At times, we don't even have the time to smile at these people. As Jesus' co-workers, one thing we have to learn is to... See More sow joy. We don't need bombs or weapons to bring peace to the world. We need love and compassion that we ask every day. We need a truly compassionate love - a compassion and love that bring joy and peace. The world is hungry for God.

The work each one of you carries out in your families, for those you love, is an expression of our love for God. Love starts at home. For your love to be real, it cannot waiver at home. Mother Tereas of Calcutta.
How would you answer Mother Teresa's questions, "Do you you know the neighbors? Do you know the poor of your neighborhood?"

We can make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors. We are called to do so by God. Christ sat down to dinner with many no one else would. Who are you having dinner with this evening, or tomorrow, or every day.

I invite your comments to Mother Teresa's question. Ask your hearts, and add your comments with the answer.


We must have compassion which is awe of the power of compassion.

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