Why Orthodox Church is the TRUE FAITH

1)Orthodox Christianity is the True Biblical Faith having the Right Interpretations of Scripture(ORTHA_DOXA meaning “Right Doctrine”) given to us by the Early Church Fathers before 400 Ad, when the Christian Church was One/Single and United!
We follow ancient biblical practices like Infant Baptism, Intercession of Saints, Infant Communion, Icons, 7 Sacraments, Christian Prayer Cycle etc.
Any Protestant or Catholics or confused Orthodox Christian is invited/CHALLENGED to a debate on any of these topics in this Community!! Feel free to air your doubts.We will not insult or ridicule you, we will only show you why Orthodoxy is the ONLY Biblical Faith around!.
2)Orthodox Christianity has preserved the spiritual practices in the earliest Christian communities or churches.
Our teachings, doctrines and Sacraments are in continuation or maintenance of the Earliest Christian Practises.
We follow the most ancient christian practices and faith from which the Roman Catholics wandered after AD 1054 and the Protestants are people who tried to reform the Fallen RC faith.
While we Oriental Orthodox preserved the Ancient Way without change/alteration for 2000 years, requiring no reform but requiring only repentance and acceptence!! The writings of the early christian fathers and martyrs and 1st century AD will be witness to you and available on demand/request in our online forum.

3)Orthodox Christianity is Democratic and Autocephalous and like the Seven Holy Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations. There is no earthly “Vicar of Christ” or Emperor who rules our Church.

The Priesthood does not enjoy domination as in the Roman Church as the Laymen enjoy Democratic Rights. The Parish is a Union of Believers and not an Autocracy of Priests.
We believe in the Royal Priesthood of all Christians. But at the same time acknowledge the specific gifts of the Holy Spirit given exclusively to the Disciples and their successors, the priestly community as per in the Bible.
4)Orthodox Christianity was not Tool of Empire of Colonialism. We do not believe in Forced Conversions.
Around the world, the Spanish and Portuguese colonials spread the “Christian Faith” through the use of force and gunpowder.
The Forced Conversion of the Ancient Roman Polytheists by Emperor’s decree, of the Malayo-Polynesian phillipine pinoys, the mexican aztecs, the south american tribals, the Goan Hindus, the Indian nestorians, the palestinian jews and the Syrian Christians(during crusades) etc etc by the Roman “Catholic” Church is not Christian in the eyes of the Orthodox Church.
Neither do we accept the Gunpoint Conversion of Hindus and Tribals in North East India by sectarian Protestant Fanatic groups like the Baptist and Prebysterian Churches under the pretext of Christian Separatism from India under the tag of the Terrorist Organisations like NLFT.
But we Oriental Orthodox Christians never believed in and fiercely condones Forced Conversions.
Jesus Christ said “My Kingdom is not of this world, or my followers would have fought to save me” at the time of trial for Crucifixion and we Orthodox Christians carry it in our heart.
Saint Thomas the Apostle, several Persian missionaries and Syrian Orthodox bishops were the reason the for the formation of the Indian Orthodox Church; who are formed of the early jewish community in kerala, the persians, and converts from hinduism, buddhism and tribals in kerala, of their own will.

5) Orthodox Christianity is in semblance with local cultures.

Orthodox Christians have always blended into local cultures wherever they immigrate to or are accepted into the Way(Margam).
We accept the good in all cultures and do not blindly oppose every non-western attribute in a culture.
While Western Christians, both Protestant and Roman Catholic bring with them Anglo-Saxon and Latin cultures respectively and seek to enforce it over the world under the pretext of the Christian religion(which was actually semitic and oriental).

6)Orthodox Christians are Patriots and Freedom Lovers.

Never has an Orthodox Christian minority ever harboured any Separatist movement in any non-christian land. We have always strived to preserve the maxims of Christ and St. Paul who taught us to respect authority and to give unto Caesar what belongs to him and give unto GOD what belongs to HIM.
The best example is the Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala who were behind the First Organised Revolt against Colonialism in Asia.; ie in 1653 AD the Saint Thomas Christians revolted against Portguese colonialism and Roman Church’s religious aggression.
We preserved our Oriental Orthodox Faith even inspite of organised aggression and proselytisation by the European Churches in the last 400 years!!
Our Swadeshi INDIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH also supported the Freedom Struggle of the Goan Christians against European-Roman catholic rule, and many Goan catholics converted to the Indian Orthodox Church during the period of Portuguese suppression including an RC bishop Julius Alvarez in their protest against Foreign Political and Religious Rule of the Indian Christians.

7)Orthodox Christianity is Wholistic and Therapeutic in Nature.

Orthodox Christianity gives importance to Worship and to the spiritual wellbeing of christians.
While Western Christianity post 1054 AD went Scholastic in nature, and diverted from the mystical nature to logical reasoning during the times of Thomas Aquinas.
The Orthodox Church is Wholistic, Therapeutical and Mystical in nature, as opposed to the Western Churches who stress on Logic, Reasoning and Intellectuality.
8)Orthodox Christianity is a Way of Life.
An Orthodox Christian imbibes an Orthodox Nous and is transformed. He imbibes a Scriptural and Christian Understanding and is able to apply to every aspect of Modern Life.

9)Orthodox Christianity is Unchanging and the Same in all ages.

The Oriental Orthodox Christians accept the First Three Ecumenical Councils and theory and the first Seven Councils in Spirit. The Eastern Orthodox accept the First seven in theory.
But the Roman Church held additional “Ecumenical Councils”, even though the other 4 Patriarchs of Christianity were not present and went into heresy and into development of heretical thoughts in Christianity. Technically the Roman Church can hold more “Ecumenical Councils” and create new definitions and doctrines and wander further from Ancient Apostolic Christianity.
But the Orthodox Churches will not and Cannot defy the principles of the First Seven Ecumenical Councils, the last of which ended more than 1000 years back and so cannot alter or change its Faith.
10) Thank You Father.
Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
Kevin Thomas 

source: http://theorthodoxchurch.info/blog/prayers/2009/10/why-orthodox-church-is-d-true-faith-and-the-best/


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