New Post on "Red Dirt Mysterion" [8.5.11]


I just put a blog post on my "Red Dirt Mysterion" blog. It's titled "Song of the Homeless Young Man Beaten to Death by the Cops."

It is a poem on the beating and tasering death of a schizophrenic and homeless young man in Fullerton CA within the past week. It includes, at the end, a link to a bystander's video of the incident. Neither the young man nor the police are visible, but the young man's pathetic cries for his father can be heard -- and that both broke my heart and "told me" to write the post.

It's also an example of a post that wouldn't be so appropriate here. It's a dreadfully ugly event, and the language is raw (on the video and in the poem alike); plus, I just don't have a nice neat "Orthodox Slant" to tie up any loose ends.

It does close with the closest to a "theological reflection" I can come to during times of demonic suffering -- and I do call this incident demonic with no reservations, no apologies -- but it's far short of full-blown Orthodox reflection. Honestly, I doubt I'll ever be spiritually (let alone emotionally and/or cognitively) mature enough to offer any when it comes to this depth of horror and evil.

This "post" is just to let you know it's up "over there" ("Red Dirt Mysterion") if any want to try it out for themselves. As a rule I'll always put a notice here, like this one, when a post has gone up that might not be so appropriate here.

The link follows:


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